Josh Reinstein, PM Netanyahu and IAF Chairman Dr. David Weldon
Josh Reinstein, PM Netanyahu and IAF Chairman Dr. David WeldonAvi Hayun

The Lawfare Project and Israel Allies Foundation are teaming up to fight implementation of the European Court of Justice’s discriminatory ruling in November that required special labels on Jewish-made products from “disputed” Israeli territories.

The Lawfare Project’s international network includes more than 400 lawyers who are passionate about defending the civil rights of the Jewish people. They will work in coordination with the Israel Allies Foundation, whose network includes around 1,000 legislators in 40 pro-Israel parliamentary caucuses in countries around the world.

“The European court’s decision was discriminatory on its face. It singled out Jews and opened a Pandora’s box of unintended consequences for global trade. The Lawfare Project is proud to partner with the Israel Allies Foundation to take our fight against injustice to the next level. Allies of Israel and the Jewish people must stand together now more than ever. Jews will not sit quietly while our rights and dignity are stripped from us,” said The Lawfare Project’s Executive Director Brooke Goldstein.

“During these times of significant hostility towards Israel stemming from the European Union, it is essential that we unite our allies in the parliaments across Europe, encouraging them to work as a powerful bloc against the labeling of Jewish goods. Our new partnership with the Lawfare project will allow us to effect real policy change against the anti-Semitic ruling of the European Court of Justice,” said Israel Allies Foundation President Josh Reinstein.

Israel Allies caucuses in the EU and the UK have already taken a stand against the labeling laws and allies in the Netherlands even passed a resolution against them. This new partnership will focus on strengthening the legal and political response within European countries.

The Israel Allies Foundation is an umbrella organization that coordinates the work of 40 Israel Allies Caucuses around the world in order to mobilize political support for Israel based on shared Judeo-Christian values. This network includes the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, and the European Union Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus.

The Lawfare Project maintains an international network of more than 400 attorneys who are dedicated to defending and upholding the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and pro-Israel community. The Lawfare Project is the world's only international pro-Israel litigation fund and has launched more than 80 lawsuits and legal actions in 17 jurisdictions across the globe.