Orly Levi-Abekasis
Orly Levi-AbekasisKobi Richter/TPS

Gesher leader MK Orly Levi-Abekasis, who is currently running in a joint list with Labor and Meretz, has said that the Blue and White party's newest campaign is a copycat of Gesher's campaign prior to the April 2019 elections, Israel Hayom reported.

A senior Gesher official told Israel Hayom: "Blue and White's campaign is copied from the Gesher election campaign, Round 1, almost entirely. Building two hospitals in the periphery, treating infections, and a budget which comes from the gas deal - all these were spoken about a year ago."

Sources close to Levi-Abekasis noted a tweet in which she had written: "Approximately 5,000 people die each year, very quietly, as a result of infections contracted in hospitals. I'm going to stop that."

In another tweet, she wrote: "The number of those who fell in the health system: 5,000 people die an unnecessary death every year. Every year. Twenty-thousand in the past [Knesset] term. That's more than in the War of Independence in 1948, it's more than in all of Israel's wars and terror attacks from the War of Independence until today."

Earlier, Blue and White Chairman MK Benny Gantz had announced that "tomorrow he will expose Case 5000 against Netanyahu." Sources in the Blue and White party told Israel Hayom that "this is part of Blue and White's election campaign, and a video clip will be sent out which discusses the health system, which Netanyahu has tossed aside."

In the campaign, which will focus on why Likud is a poor choice and voters should support Blue and White, Gantz will accuse Netanyahu of failing the healthcare system and causing the deaths of 5,000 patients annually.

In a statement to Israel Hayom, Blue and White said: "Netanyahu's failures with regards to the health of Israeli citizens are clear to everyone. Blue and White is committed to advancing health and changing the situation. We will add 12.5 billion shekels ($3,645,505,125) to the collapsing healthcare system."