incendiary balloon found near Israeli community
incendiary balloon found near Israeli communityEshkol Council spokesperson

The IDF has conducted experiments for a new laser system designed to destroy the arson balloons which have been launched from Gaza. The tests have been very successful, Kan 11 reported Wednesday night.

The security establishment has in recent days deployed the system established for the IDF's Gaza division.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in a meeting with the heads of the Gaza-envelope communities that there is a possibility that the IDF will act militarily in Gaza even before the elections, if the rocket fire and attacks on Israeli territory continue.

The council heads told Netanyahu about the difficulties facing the residents and how the incendiary balloons ad to those difficulties, and made it clear that for them there is no difference between a rocket or an explosive that is launched from Gaza.

Throughout the day, explosive balloons continued to be launched toward southern Israel.

In the afternoon, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories announced that it had reduced the fishing space in the Gaza Strip to ten nautical miles due to the continued shooting from Gaza towards Israel.