Council heads outside the protest tent
Council heads outside the protest tentHezki Baruch

The leaders of the Judea and Samaria councils set up a protest tent on Tuesday outside the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, demanding that sovereignty be applied in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley before the Knesset elections.

“We are here out of great concern,” Samaria Council Head Yossi Dagan told Arutz Sheva. “We came to strengthen the PM, but warn against missing a historic opportunity, it would be a serious mistake."

Dagan asserted that "US officials" had betrayed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, allowing him to promise to apply sovereignty in a dramatic public spectacle, only to "throw him off the Empire State Building" soon after and press him to hold off from immediately carrying out his pledge.

"Officials in the US took our beloved Prime Minister, elevated him to the top of the Empire State Building - [he stood] with the US president [and promised to apply] sovereignty - then they try to throw our Prime Minister all the way down," he said.

“Sovereignty is the foundation stone for the security and values of the State of Israel," Dagan said, also warning that failure to apply sovereignty immediately could lead to the fall of the Right in the upcoming elections, amid claims that the Prime Minister is merely a "vessel devoid of content."

Regarding the unusual presence of the council heads, who had come together despite disagreements among themselves, Dagan said: "We are here together because our strength is in our unity. No politician will be able to split or cause dispute between us. We are determined to bring sovereignty after 53 years and stop being second class citizens in this country. We will fight with full force and great love until we bring sovereignty. ''

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