David Elhayani
David ElhayaniYoni Kempinski

Yesha Council chairman David Elhayani on Sunday called for the US “Deal of the Century” to be shelved, less than a week after it was unveiled.

Speaking to Reshet Bet radio, Elhayani said, "I was wrong, the Americans misled us. I was in Washington, we sat with a senior official in the Trump administration who told us: 'If the Palestinians do not join the agreement within 48 hours, you can apply sovereignty.'"

"The factual figure at the moment is that there is zero sovereignty and without the consent of the Americans, Netanyahu cannot annex a millimeter. This agreement should be taken and thrown into the trash, it poses an existential danger to the State of Israel," he continued.

Elhayani added that he believes "there is a clash of decisions between [Ambassador] David Friedman and [Jared] Kushner. Kushner has now taken ownership of the whole story and said there will not be application of sovereignty. David Friedman clearly stated that Israel can apply sovereignty, then Kushner the boss came and said no. Kushner is the one who represents Trump's opinion. If they were to ask for my opinion, I would tell them to take the agreement and throw it in the trash.”

Commenting on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's promise to bring sovereignty to fruition, Elhayani said, "Last week, I told the Prime Minister that it was time for the State of Israel to determine its national interests. That he should tell President Trump - 'My friend, I respect you, [but] I promised my voters to apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea before the elections.’"