The Kremlin emphasized Sunday that the “Deal of the Century” presented by the White House last week is unacceptable to Russia.

"It's plain enough that some of this plan's provisions do not fully correspond to the relevant resolutions by the UN Security Council," presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Rossiya-1 channel, according to RT.

"We see the reaction of the Palestinians, we see the reaction of a number of Arab states that are rejecting this plan in solidarity with the Palestinians,” Peskov also noted.

Last week, Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Russian President Putin in Moscow, personally presenting him with the Deal of the Century.

"Mr. President, you are actually the first leader I talk to after my visit to Washington on President Trump's Deal of the Century. I think a new and perhaps unique opportunity has been created here, and I'd like to talk to you and of course hear your insights and see how we can combine all the forces for security and peace,” Netanyahu said.

“In any case, I must say that Russia-Israel relations are the strongest, firmest, and best ever. I want to thank you Mr. President for your personal dedication and leadership in this matter as well as in other matters," the prime minister added.