Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of U.S. President Donald Trump and one of the "Deal of the Century" architects, made it clear in an interview that aired on Egyptian TV that the map of the plan may be subject to negotiations.

According to a report in Hadashot Kan, Kushner emphasized in the interview that the aim of the program is to enable the establishment of a Palestinian state. "The plan seeks to curb the expansion of the settlements, to allow the feasibility of a Palestinian state."

Kushner later pointed out that the Palestinian state map presented by the administration at the end of the event at which the "Deal of the Century" was launched is not final.

"The map attached to the plan is not a scientific map. If the Palestinians don't like where the line is drawn, they should come and tell us where they want to draw it," Kushner said.

Kushner later strongly attacked the PA leadership for its sweeping opposition to the plan, and its unwillingness to even consider it as a basis for discussion.

He said Palestinian leadership has "A 20-year record of missed opportunities. In my business, when someone tries to do business for 20 years and fails, he is replaced by someone else."