A program designed by Apple for its iPhone series is making headlines after it described Israel as the “Zionist Occupation State.”

Siri, the voice-activated personal assistance service on Apple’s iPhone, described Israel as the “Zionist Occupation State” over the weekend, in response to queries regarding the name of Israel’s president.

On Saturday, Siri responded to questions regarding the name of Israel’s president – such as, “Who is the President of Israel?” – with the answer “Reuven Rivlin is the President of the Zionist Occupation State.”

The response was later corrected.

Users initially suspected Siri’s response was the result of a glitch, though Israel’s Channel 12 later reported that Siri’s description of President Rivlin was drawn from his Wikipedia page, which had been altered briefly Saturday, before reverting to its original content.

The change to Rivlin’s Wikipedia page was reportedly made by a user under the moniker “Arab Man”.

Prior to its restoration, the Wikipedia page also described Rivlin as “the main child of Israel.”