Benny Gantz
Benny GantzElad Malka

Yitzhak Ilan, former deputy chief of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), said on Thursday that he was ousted from the Blue and White slate for the March 2 election and that he felt betrayed by the way the move was carried out by party chairman Benny Gantz.

On Tuesday, the day before the slates were submitted to the Central Election Committee, Ilan was contacted by Hod Betzer, Gantz's chief of staff, who asked to meet with him. Ilan invited Betzer to his house where, he says he was told by Betzer, "Sir, either you move to spot number 45 on the slate, or you will be off the list."

"I was told that Benny Gantz wanted to place a woman in my spot," said Ilan, who was initially placed in the 39th spot on the Blue and White list. “All my requests for an explanation beyond that were not answered. It's a dictatorial and irrational decision of the omnipotent leader of the Blue and White list. I know of no overt or covert reason for such a vile and treacherous move.”

Ilan said that he decided to leave Blue and White following the incident.

“I don't want to be a member of a list where unfairness, dishonesty, deceit and dictatorship are the values ​​of the leader of the list and his associates. Benny Gantz must look at himself and carefully examine his values, before preaching morality to others,” he said.