Police guard synagogue in Germany
Police guard synagogue in GermanyReuters

In the wake of repeated violent physical attacks on synagogues and Jews in New York and elsewhere, Herut North America, a leading Jewish activist organization, is offering a new, cutting-edge guide to help congregations better organize their security efforts to protect synagogue attendees. The Synagogue Security Tool Kit is being offered free of charge to all members of the Jewish community interested in improving security as well as synagogue leaders.To receive the ebook at no charge contact [email protected].

"We have developed this ebook guide as a hands-on tool to aid synagogues with both evaluating their security needs as well as organizing their own security teams," explains Moshe Phillips, the national director of Herut North America. "This information packed booklet is specifically designed to give Jews the information they need to feel empowered around security related needs and issues. We have included checklists, assessment worksheets, planning guides, practical advice, and more."

The Herut team responsible for this booklet includes IDF veterans, individuals trained in counter-terrorism, longtime community security volunteers, and legal professionals. Users of the guidebook will find practical, actionable ideas whether their synagogue has a security plan in place currently or is now considering forming a volunteer security team and needs an action plan.

"In light of the recent spate of attacks against Jews across multiple states we are offering the Synagogue Security Tool Kit; A Hands-on Guide to Preventive Safety for Your Congregation" ebook. This free reference to protecting your community will help you develop a security plan that you can implement in your synagogue, kollel, yeshiva, camp, or day school. Our goal is to have this booklet utilized by synagogues in all 50 states so that further anti-Jewish violence and bloodshed can be prevented," states Joshua Goldstein, chairman of Herut North America. "Please, help us reach our goal of preparing synagogues all across America to be more secure by ensuring the leaders of your synagogue see this booklet as soon as possible."

The Synagogue Security Tool Kit also specifically addresses the fact that Orthodox Jews have been heavily targeted in recent attacks by including a section titled "Self-Defense Tips While Walking To / From Synagogue" in the booklet.

"Action is required now," says Herut's Goldstein. "Please help us reach our goal in making the streets safer for Jews across America. Download and use this free resource yourself and also please share on social media the news that this ebook is now available so Jews everywhere will have access to this potentially life-saving material."