Pro-democracy dissidents in Iran sent stunning videos of the protests in their country that are shaking the Islamic regime to its foundations.

The videos were reportedly sent at great personal risk using encrypted technology.

Man: "Were you shot [to woman]? Oh, no! Shot BB gun?"
Woman: "No, real bullet."
Man: "Put a bandage on her!"

[repeated chanting] "We are the children of war. Want to war with us? Let's do it!" "Sepah (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps) does crimes! The Supreme Leader supports them!" "Death to the Dictator!"

[repeated chanting] "Villains! Villains!"
"This is the Police talking. Please cooperate with the police. On behalf of myself and the Police Force, please accept our condolences. But this is not right that you're blocking the roads. Please allow the cars to move. I beg you, those who hear my voice. This is the Police."

[repeated chanting] "We are ashamed of our stupid Supreme Leader!"

Tearing down Soleimani posters:

Tearing down huge Soleimani banner:

[repeated chanting] "No honor! No honor! Soleimani is a murderer and his Supreme Leader is stupid!"