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The Trump administration may release its much-awaited Middle East peace plan before Israel holds its third election in a year, a senior White House official hinted.

US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien told Axios that the administration won’t be considering Israeli or Palestinian Authority domestic political concerns in the timing of its release of the Middle East peace plan, dubbed the ‘Deal of the Century’ by President Trump.

"I don't think it necessarily depends on the elections. They will have had three elections in a row, we'll have to see,” said O’Brien.

“The president is looking for a solution on the Israeli-Palestinian front that is durable, is long-lasting, and we're not timing anything we do based on the domestic politics, either the Palestinians or the Israeli.”

According to the Axios report, O’Brien said regarding Israel’s upcoming election that the Trump administration is not “focused on the Israeli election calendar”.

O’Brien’s comments come following reports that Israeli officials believe the White House is in fact planning to release its Mideast peace plan before the March 2nd Knesset election.

The release of the peace plan was postponed twice in the lead-up to Israeli elections in 2019, with the White House saying it did not want to interfere with Israel's political process.

While the White House has not made its final decision, Trump envoy Avi Berkowitz's visit to Israel last week was part of the preparations for a possible launch of the peace plan, Israeli officials told Barak Ravid of Channel 13.