Orthodox Jewish women traditionally cover their hair after marriage, spurring a vibrant, dynamic industry of head-coverings ranging from scarves of all colors of the rainbow to hats of assorted shapes and styles to wigs.

“The wig has the double bonus of covering the hair totally while, simultaneously, appearing completely natural and, in most cases, more beautiful than the woman’s natural hair,” explains fashion wig stylist Dini Weinberg, who has handcrafted thousands of custom wigs throughout the past decades.

Dini's wigs are crafted of untreated European human hair, and sold around the world. “Every woman has her preference, color and style. There are those who go for the alluring elegance of Kim Kardashian; others want Selena Gomez sleekness; and still others strive for Melania Trump’s professionalism.”

The price tag on a custom wig is hefty, ranging from $3,000 - $12,000. “What’s incredible about wig design is that we’re not limited to a woman’s natural hair. Here, the possibilities are endless, and for every face we custom-craft a wig to accentuate the woman’s natural beauty.”

Wig creation is an intricate process. The cut and style is only the last in a multi-stage process that begins with discriminating hair selection, meticulous weaving, customizing and fitting, and culminates with the final cut and style.

Dini manufactures her products completely in the USA and she explains that this allows her to personally oversee every aspect of production. “I handpick every strand of hair and guide each wig to perfection.”

“The wig industry is an ever-expanding market. The average Orthodox woman in America has three or four wigs, of varying styles, in her closet."

Dini is now stepping out of selling exclusively to the Orthodox community and she will be offering her products to the general population. “It started quite by accident,” she says, “I posted several pictures on Instagram, and before long, I was flooded with comments and questions from non-Jewish audiences. I discovered that it’s not just Orthodox women who seek the benefits of a custom wig, which aside from beauty and comfort, has another secret: it's much less time-consuming than natural hair care!”

Just last week, Dini was contacted by a woman from Copenhagen who traveled especially to New York to purchase one of Dini’s custom pieces to wear every day. Her company is also currently negotiating with a German entrepreneur seeking to market her products to the general public.

Dini, who is a native Israeli, moved to the USA years ago to study hair and wig styling and opened her first wig factory and salon in Monsey, NY. Since then, she’s expanded, currently employing over 100 workers all engaged in crafting and styling wigs for thousands of clients. She is now opening her second branch in central Jerusalem.

“Though I’m a patriotic Israeli, I wanted to start out in the U.S., where I could draw inspiration from the fashion scene. Now I’m coming back home and opening a branch here in Jerusalem".