Bennett in Jordan Valley
Bennett in Jordan ValleyMiri Tzachi

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett toured the Jordan Valley on Monday with Jordan Valley Regional Council Chairman and Chairman of the Yesha Council David Elhayani.

The tour began in Moshav Tomer during a visit to a pepper packaging house in the moshav. The packaging house, which employs about 150 Palestinian Arabs, presented them a glimpse of the fight against the BDS movement and the marking of products from Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley. Throughout the visit, the minister and Chairman of the Yesha Council tasted of the finest agricultural produce in the Jordan Valley.

Thereafter, they continued to observe the town of Petza'el from Highway 505. The observation provided the minister with a comprehensive overview of Arab construction and the massive takeover of state land in Area C. Subsequently, the minister passed through the emergency center of the Joint Valley to the Council and the IDF, where they heard about the daily work of the hotline staff.

Minister Bennett ended the tour with a professional meeting with the heads of the local authorities in the Yesha Council.

Bennett said: "I will start from the end: I am not from the UN. I am fully in favor of settlement, this is my policy. As Minister of Defense, I have a clear position on expanding settlement in Judea and Samaria in the quickest, best and most powerful way. In Area C, there is a campaign here and we are on the scene. I have defined the mission of IDF and the security system to prevent all illegal Palestinian construction. This is political construction with the aim of gaining as much of our land as possible. Our goal is to build and maintain as much as possible in Area C. Our policy and the commander's spirit are very clear."

Chairman of the Yesha Council David Elhayini said: "I thank the Minister who came to visit with 17 heads of authorities in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley. Thank you for listening, your willingness and openness to help advance the settlement on a variety of issues raised to you. We hope that you will bring to light the civilian and other issues in this part of the world."