Dean Shoshani and Stav Harari
Dean Shoshani and Stav HarariFacebook

A young couple killed after a flash flood hit a building in Tel Aviv, flooding the building’s elevator, were laid to rest Sunday.

Hundreds gathered at the Yarkonim cemetery in Tel Aviv Sunday to pay their last respects to Dean Shoshani and Stav Harari, who drowned when an elevator flooded in south Tel Aviv Saturday, leaving them trapped.

Eden Shoshani, Dean’s mother, eulogized her son at the funeral service Sunday.

“Just a few months ago, the two of you moved to a new apartment. You made a home that was sweet and pleasant – just like you. Now you’ve passed on together. I remember and treasure every moment with you.”

“My dear brother,” said Dean’s sister during the funeral, “How can I start speaking about you in the past tense? Now we’re bound together for eternity – my birthday is the day you died. I will try to be like you, and spread light and see the good in things.”

“My dear Stav, you came into our lives so beautifully and sweetly. How much you loved each other. I’m sure you died embracing one another.”

Stav’s father, Itzik Harari, said of his daughter: “Stav, our first-born and beloved of ours, you brought so much light and love into our lives. How can we mourn you when your big beautiful eyes see everything? How can we say goodbye to our wonderful daughter with the curly hair?”

“You were our oxygen, we love you more than even ourselves. Watch over us.”