Nachum Nevies with the doctor who saved his life
Nachum Nevies with the doctor who saved his lifeHadassah Medical Center Spokesperson

17.5-year-old Nahum Nevies, who was critically wounded in an Islamic terror ramming attack in Gush Etzion in August, has been released from Hadassah Hospital where his life was saved.

Nevies was transferred to Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital in Raanana, a leading hospital in the field, where he is to undergo a long period of rehabilitation.

When was brought to Hadassah Ein Kerem on the day of the attack, his life hung in the balance due to the severe head injury he had suffered. He was immediately opeated on by neurosurgeon Dr. Samuel Moscovici and anesthesiologist Dr. Abu-Jaris Thamer, who performed the surgery that saved his life.

Nevies spent a long period in the neurosurgical intensive care unit as he underwent a step-by-step process of complex and difficult road towards recovery, and was operated on several more times, with his family at his side all the while.

Following another improvement in his condition, Nahum was discharged from Hadassah Hospital to begin the long road to rehabilitation. The Hadassah team that treated him came to say goodbye and offer their good wishes on the occasion of Nachum's departure from the hospital.

Nahum's parents, Naftali and Zahava Nevies, wrote upon leaving: "Thanks to the Creator of the World who sent us angels in the form of messengers in Hadassah Ein Kerem. We thank you all - from the cleaning staff whose work is essential, the smiling auxiliary staff who work so hard, the dedicated nurses who give their whole hearts, and the interns who work day and night and yet still do everything that is needed and treat us all so beautifully even during hard times of extreme fatigue on their part.

"Above all - a big, indescribable thank you to senior neurosurgeon Dr. Samuel Moscovici, who was a faithful and dedicated messenger of G-d in the battle to save Nahum's life (and not just once), who did everything with great professionalism and with a wide open heart and thanks to Dr. Guy Rosenthal, Director of the Intensive Care Neurosurgery Unit in Ein Kerem. Because of them, we have Nahum alive and breathing, working hard and progressing," the parents added.

Nahum's parents ask the public to continue praying for Nachum Elimelech Rafael Ben Zahava Rivka for complete recovery and rehabilitation.

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