Bat Ayin
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Residents of Bat Ayin in Gush Etzion say police committed a provocation today when two police officers disguised as Arab technicians arrived.

According to a report by the Honenu legal aid organization, the secret police were wandering around the kindergartens in the center of the locality, awaiting reactions by residents.

The presence of the "technicians" reportedly aroused the suspicion of two boys passing by, who approached them in an attempt to understand their actions. The secret police did not provide any clear answers increasing the boys' fears and at one point, pushing started between one of the boys and a "technician". The other boy saw his friend being attacked and was forced to defend him with pepper spray.

The organization also claims that the disguised police officers jumped the boys along with other police officers who were hiding nearby. The pair of boys, both minors, were arrested and taken for questioning by the Judea/Samaria District Police.

Bat Ayin is one of the only localities in Judea and Samaria employing solely Jewish labor while Arabs are not allowed entry. In addition, since the beginning of its existence, the various authorities respect the wishes of the residents and only Jewish professionals and maintenance men are sent there.

Bat Ayin residents note that only by miracle an armed resident did not pass, because had he noticed youths being attacked by an Arab the incident could have ended differently.

Advocate Moshe Polsky, representing the youths from the Honenu organization said, "Unfortunately, the Israeli police are again causing a provocation. Policemen disguised as Arab technicians entered Bat Ayin and, as everyone knows, this is a stressful security period and there are kindergartens and children walking around without security.

"The unusual presence of someone who seems to be a technician, but according to my client, they seemed to have no idea of ​​their work, aroused suspicion for boys who were there and thought it was a security incident, they wanted to find out, they went to understand what it was and they didn't get any clear answers, only strengthening their suspicions. The matter developed into mutual pushing when another teenager who saw his friend being attacked sought to help him and repel the attacker,” the lawyer added.

He said, "It is unclear why the Israel Police are committing provocations and creating incidents that would have never come about. Especially when it comes in a stressful security period when every moment there's a concern about infiltration of a terrorist into the yishuv. But Israeli police resources, instead of focusing on eradicating crime, focus on creating provocations."