Rockets are intercepted over Ashkelon
Rockets are intercepted over AshkelonREUTERS/ Amir Cohen

"Red alert" air raid sirens sounded Wednesday night in Gaza border towns, interrupting a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The alerts sounded while Netanyahu gave a speech at a Likud primaries conference in Ashkelon. The Prime Minister was escorted off the stage and taken immediately to a bomb shelter.

"The person who fired at us last time is not with us," Netanyahu said afterwards, adding that, "the one who fired now should start packing his belongings."

During the siren, Likud ministers and MKs remained in the hall, and Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev took Netanyahu's place on the stage, giving a speech of her own.

Local residents reported seeing a number of Iron Dome intercepts over the city, but the IDF said only one rocket was intercepted.

A similar incident occurred in September, one week prior to Israel's second round of elections. In that incident, Netanyahu was escorted offstage during an event in Ashdod.