Protest for Naama
Protest for NaamaFlash 90

The hearing on the appeal of Naama Issachar, the Israeli backpacker convicted of smuggling cannabis in Russia, opened this morning in the Moscow Court of Appeal before a three-judge panel.

During the hearing, Issachar argued that contrary to the court ruling, she did not admit to the offenses attributed to her, adding that her confession may have been false.

About two months ago, Issachar was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison because she was caught with 9.6 grams of cannabis at the airport while waiting for a connecting flight on its way from India to Tel Aviv.

The Issachar family has high hopes for the appeal, and it is hoped that the appeals court judges will at least significantly mitigate the sentence imposed on her.

The hearing on the appeal began last Thursday and Issachar participated through a "video conference" from the prison where she is being held.

At the opening of the hearing after the court recognized her, Issachar asked to attend the hearing in person, and despite objections the request was accepted. Following the request, the hearing on the appeal was postponed and was resumed this morning in her presence in the Moscow Court of Appeals.