Danziger and Dr. Elbaz Griner
Danziger and Dr. Elbaz GrinerHadassa Hospital Spokesman

Chen Danziger, a 29-year-old resident of Efrat, this morning suffered a cardiac arrest at the Branco Weiss School in Beit Shemesh where she teaches.

Danziger, who is married and a mother of two and with a third on the way, arrived for work day and collapsed at the school entrance.

Two 17-year-olds began performing immediate and effective CPR operations. Rescuers and MDA medics who arrived on the scene found Chen in arrhythmia and treated her with four electric shocks to restore a steady pulse, a move that succeeded.

Chen was evacuated to the trauma unit in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, as the team monitored her and began immediate tests. She is currently being treated in the cardiac intensive care unit under the care of Dr. Gabi Elbaz Griner, a senior cardiologist at Hadassah.

"This is definitely an extraordinary heart incident that manifested itself as a life-threatening arrhythmia. Without the life-saving treatment by both students and MDA staff she wouldn't be here with us," said Dr. Griner.

"She was clinically dead. She's now in stable condition and is smiling; she's still monitored and will likely receive an implanted defibrillator to protect her from these types of arrhythmias. It should be noted that this is a second miracle in the same family, since her older brother had a similar incident four years ago and his life was saved under very similar circumstances.

"This is the important significance of the Hadassah Cardio-genetic Clinic, which recommends and directs extensive testing for all members of the family when this type of incident occurs," the senior cardiologist added.