Dudi Amsalem
Dudi AmsalemFlash 90

Communications Minister Dudi Amsalem expressed contempt for Gideon Sa'ar, who is expected to be Prime Minister Netanyahu's main challenger in the primaries for the Likud party to be held next week.

In an interview with Kan Bet, Amsalem said: "Most Likud members and Likud voters in Israel, I think they want the prime minister."

Comparing Sa'ar and Netanyahu, Amsalem said that "the difference between these two people is huge, it's like the gap between Mercedes and Susita (Israel's first car manufacturer)."

Amsalem clarified later that the comparison was not intended to diminish Saar's dignity but to express appreciation for Netanyahu, "so much do I appreciate the prime minister's skills."

"There is a prime minister here who, in my opinion, brought the State of Israel to the highest heights the State of Israel has known. Saar is a worthy man and a worthy candidate, but the gaps between him and the Prime Minister are huge."