Tree collapses on street (archive)
Tree collapses on street (archive)Magen David Adom

Yitzhak Eliyahu, a resident of Bnei Brak in his 70s, was seriously injured on Thursday when a tree collapsed on him as he was returning from shopping at the greengrocer.

Speaking to Channel 12 News from his hospital bed, Eliyahu said, "I was crossing the street and suddenly the tree hit me in the head."

"The people around me started screaming. At first, I didn't understand what the screams were about - and suddenly I noticed that the tree was falling on me."

Eliyahu was rushed to the hospital. "I am conscious but in pain and suffering from injuries. I did not expect such a storm to catch me on the street," he said.

The rains and strong winds on Thursday measured up to 50 km/h, causing 10 casualties across the country, including an 80-year-old who died of hypothermia and 4 IDF soldiers who were lightly injured after being hit by a flying tent at the Givati ​​base near Ketziot.