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A Channel 13 News poll published today purports to show that if elections were held today with Netanyahu heading the Likud, Blue and White would strengthen to 37 seats.

In such a situation, the Likud would receive 33 seats, the Joint Arab List would receive 13 seats and Yisrael Beyteinu 8 seats.

According to the survey, United Torah Judaism receives 7 seats, Shas and New Right 6 seats each, Labor-Gesher and the "Democratic Union" - 5 seats each.

The Channel 13 News poll claims to show a unified Right-leaning party (Jewish Home-National Union) not passing the electoral threshold at all.

According to the survey, if Netanyahu heads the Likud, the Left-Arab bloc receives 60 seats while the Right-leaning bloc without Liberman has only 52 seats.

In contrast, if Gideon Sa'ar leads the Likud, 35 seats would be awarded to Blue and White and the Likud would weaken to 29 seats. The Joint Arab List would receive 13 seats and Yisrael Beyteinu would get 8 seats.

Shas, United Torah Judaism and New Right would receive 7 such seats each, the "Democratic Union" and the unified Rightist parties would receive 5 seats while Labor-Gesher gets only 4 seats.

However, in such a scenario despite the weakening of the Likud the Right bloc strengthens to 55 seats, compared to the Arab-Left bloc that would stand at 57 seats as is the case today.