Amichai Eliyahu and the Taiwanese representatives
Amichai Eliyahu and the Taiwanese representativesSpokesperson

Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu, chairman of the Organization of Community Rabbis, met Chinese citizens from Taiwan and gifted them a copy of his father's book "The Prophecy."

The book, written by Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu of Tzfat, presents research on prophecy, which shows that today's generation fulfills all of the Biblical prophecies.

The Chinese expressed their appreciation of the Jewish nation and said that in their opinion, the Jewish nation is not aware of how great its mission in this world is.

The representatives were very touched by the gesture, and said that every Chinese person must read this book, promising to translate it into Chinese in order to make it accessible to Chinese citizens.

"I am always happy to meet different people and cultures in the world and see how the nation of Israel is fulfilling its purpose of being a 'light unto the nations,'" Rabbi Amichai said. "I was very moved to see how these representatives love the Jewish nation, the Torah, and the State of Israel. Their commitment to translate my father and teacher's book touched my heart."