Rimmel family
Rimmel familyCredit: Courtesy of the family

Thousands of people donated money to assist the Rimmel family of Neve Tzuf, accumulating more than NIS 1 million ($288,047) in less than a day.

The online fundraising campaign was hosted by the non-profit organization Ish Tzadik Haya, which assists families in need due to medical or financial reasons. The Neve Tzuf community hopes to raise about NIS 5 million ($1,440,237) for the family.

"The father, Ephraim, was seriously injured and the son, Itai, is in critical condition," the community noted on the fundraising page. "The three children of the Rimmel family are left without a mother, and the father is likely to be paralyzed for life. The entire community of Neve Zuf is conducting a mass fundraising campaign to ensure the present and future of the children of the Rimmel family."

Fundraising organizers noted that the future of the three remaining children - nine-year-old Leah, seven-year-old Amichai, and three-year-old Harel is unclear.

The community stated that the first million shekels to be collected will be devoted to the "immediate needs of the children," an additional three million shekels is intended to "ensure the accessibility of the Rimmel family's home for the handicapped" as well as their future care.

The third phase of the fundraising - an additional NIS million - is intended to ensure the future of the Rimmel family growing up without a mother, and with a severely injured and disabled father.