Israeli Actor Harel Noff has produced a heartfelt call to the Jews in Europe to leave before it is too late: "To all my Jewish blood brothers out there in Europe, wherever you are: For 2,000 years, we're hated, despised, humiliated, demonized, persecuted, pogromized, and yes, even murdered, while longing, wishing for an independent homeland. The promised land of Israel and Jerusalem.

"So get this: We made it! We're here! And the question is, why aren't you? Is your life out there in Europe that jolly and delightful? Is it? Is it worth being there rather than here?

"Can't you acknowledge that Europe is rapidly changing for the worst and is no longer safe for its Jews? That you must hide your identity for your own safety! Is this the life you wish for your children?

"Our politicians may not be able to tell you what I'm about to because of their delicate give-and-take relations and interests between governments. But I can. Because I don't owe them a thing.

"So please, listen to me. Europe is doomed. Doomed. Doomed. Leave. Evacuate. A.S.A.P. And come to Israel. Come home. We need you here, and you need us. We're a growing nation, and together our light will soon shine upon the world bright and clear.

"So don't just say L'Shana ha'baa bYerushalayim. Do it."