Daniel meets his rescuers
Daniel meets his rescuersIsrael Dog Unit Spokesman

Eishela is a nine-year-old Belgian shepherd, with an impressive record of finding and rescuing many people in her canine search-and-rescue career.

It began in May last year, when Daniel was reported missing by his family in Ashkelon. It was a rough day for Daniel, after he was fired from his job. Daniel left his home in a horrible state and swallowed a bunch of pills and a bottle of arak in his desperate attempt to escape reality.

Daniel laid unconscious, dehydrated for more than two days, in an old ruin, off the beaten track in a small forest located less than a mile away from his home.

Daniel was brought to the hospital in critical condition. At first, doctors at Barzilai Hospital were unsure whether or not he would pull through. Later, doctors suspected that he would have severe brain damage. Miraculously, Daniel pulled through with no major damage.

Several months ago, after his long road to recovery, Daniel contacted the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), the rescue organization that saved his life. He had one request: to meet and personally thank the people and the dog who saved his life. However, every time the IDU set out with Eishela to visit Daniel, urgent calls forced the crew to turn around and tend the current life-saving tasks that they were assigned to.

Finally yesterday, after a three-day search in Ashkelon, the crew was free to fulfill Daniel’s wish and meet him. Fortunately, Eishela- the four-legged hero was also on that mission and was able to join the special meeting with Daniel.

Daniel meets with IDU head
Daniel meets with IDU headIsrael Dog Unit Spokesman

Translation of moving letter Daniel sent to the Israel Dog Unit:

“Shalom, I have been having a hard time writing this letter for some time because I can’t find the words to properly thank you. This is a thank you letter from Daniel Branson.

"On May 28th, 2018 you found me after two days of searching. I was nearly dead, and you saved me from the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.

"When I was told on different occasions about the things that transpired during those two days as I laid unconscious, including the rocket barrage those days, it's difficult to even fathom the gravity of the situation, making it all the more difficult to properly thank you.

"In my opinion it obligates me to attempt to live in such a way that would pay tribute as much as possible to the great efforts that you all invested to find me in time.

"Thank you for your efforts, those known to me and those that are unknown to me. Thanks.”

Daniel's letter to IDU
Daniel's letter to IDUIsrael Dog Unit