Singing at Zion Square
Singing at Zion SquareEzra Movement

Dozens of members of the Ezra youth movement gathered on Sunday evening in Zion Square in Jerusalem after the tragedy that befell Ephraim Rimmel, the Jerusalem area coordinator of the movement.

Ephraim's wife, Tzipi, and his three-week-old daughter Noam were killed in the car accident at the Givat Ze'ev junction on Saturday night. Ephraim and his 12-year-old son Itai remain seriously injured in hospital.

The participants who arrived at Zion Square on Sunday spoke of Ephraim as a sensitive and humane person.

Shaul De Malach, Secretary General of the Ezra Movement, said, "The initiative of the youth to come and pray shows us all how Ephraim is a dominant and important figure in our movement. The entire movement continues to pray for the recovery of Ephrain and Itai, who are part of the large family called the Ezra Movement. We send condolences to the Rimmel family.”

Police are investigating why the 18-year-old Arab driver from eastern Jerusalem reached the intersection at such a high speed and struck the Rimmel family's vehicle, a Channel 12 News report said on Sunday evening.

At this time, investigators do not have any documentation of the accident - neither from traffic light cameras, nor from security cameras. This complicates the investigation. The police do not know at this time the speed at which the driver was traveling, and will be conducting further investigations to find out more information.

It will likely be impossible to determine if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The reason: The driver, who was also severely injured in the accident, received painkillers and sedatives, so it is impossible to check in what condition he arrived at the hospital.