The scene of the accident
The scene of the accidentCredit: MDA

The 18-year-old Arab driver, a resident of East Jerusalem, who was speeding when he struck the Rimmel family from Neve Tzuf on Saturday night, causing a fatal accident, is suspected of negligent homicide.

Police are investigating why the offending driver reached the intersection at such a high speed and struck the Rimmel family's vehicle, a Channel 12 News report said on Sunday evening.

At this stage, the police investigators don't have a video or images of the accident from traffic light cameras or security cameras, which complicates the investigation. The speed at which the offending driver was driving when the accident occurred is also unknown at this point.

It also will probably not be possible for police to determine if the offending driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the accident occurred. The driver was also severely wounded in the accident and received painkillers and sedatives which makes it impossible to determine the presence of drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the accident.

In the fatal accident that occurred at the Givat Zeev junction on Route 443, the mother of the family, Tzipi Rimmel (35) as well as her three-week-old baby Noam Rachel, were killed. The father Ephraim and his son Itai were seriously injured. The funeral for the mother and baby took place on Sunday in Neve Tzuf.