President Rivlin and Rabb Mervis
President Rivlin and Rabb MervisAmos Ben Gershon

President Reuven Rivlin met with the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, Rabbi Efraim Mervis during his visit to London.

The President praised Mervis, "His clear voice and leadership during this time fills us all with pride."

The President then spoke at a UJIA (United Jewish Israel Appeal) event, along with the chairman Louise Jacobs. Rivlin spoke extensively about the growing problem of anti-Semitism, "from the days of the Balfour declaration, Israel and Britain have had a joint history, and held the same morals. For these very reasons, we are so worried about the growing trend of Antisemitism in Britain."

"It is unacceptable, that in 2019, Jewish communities in Britain and around Europe are demanding security, are frightened to cover their heads in public and the houses of Holocaust survivors have been attacked."

"I attended an emergency meeting, with five activists who are fighting anti-Semitism, in different countries, including Lord Pickles, to measure our response. In January, I will host an event, commemorating 75 years of the liberation of Auschwitz. Together, we will call to all to fight antisemitism, and show zero tolerance. To not allow anti-Semites to hold power and to not allow incitement on social media. This means effective laws and effective education about the holocaust."