Benny Gantz
Benny GantzElad Malka

The Blue and White party has opened up a significant lead over the Likud, a new poll released Tuesday shows.

According to a poll conducted by Panels Politics and published by Channel 12 Tuesday morning, if new elections were held today, Blue and White would win 37 seats, four more than it won in the September 17th election.

The Likud, on the other hand, would win just 30 seats, a decline of two seats compared it its current 32.

Blue and White’s seven-seat lead in the poll is the party’s widest margin over the Likud in any poll released since the September elections to the 22nd Knesset.

The left-wing – Arab bloc also gained ground in the poll, and is projected to win 58 seats, one more than the bloc won in September. The right-wing – religious bloc is projected to win 55 seats, the same number it won in September, while Avidgor Liberman’s secular rightist Yisrael Beytenu would fall by one mandate, from eight seats to seven.

The Joint Arab List, which won 13 seats in September, would win just 12 seats if new elections were held today.

The Labor-Gesher alliance would win five seats, down from the six it won in September, while Meretz would fall from five seats to just four if new elections were held today.

On the Right, the Jewish Home-National Union would win four seats, the same number it currently has, while the New Right would double its electoral strength, from three to six seats.

United Torah Judaism would retain its seven seats, while Shas would fall from nine to eight seats.

More than half of respondents (56%) say Netanyahu should not continue as Prime Minister after being indicted on corruption charges, while just 37% said he could continue to serve.

Among Likud primary voters, the overwhelming majority say they support Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s bid to retain control of the Likud, with 88% choosing him as their candidate in the upcoming Likud leadership race. In a distance second is former Jerusalem Mayor MK Nir Barkat, followed by Gideon Sa’ar with 4%.