Eli Cohen, hy"d
Eli Cohen, hy"dNational Photo Archives

Israeli spy Eli Cohen's widow, Nadia Cohen said that she turned to Mossad head Yossi Cohen to find out why the Mossad reportedly refused to pay a million dollars to locate her late husband's remains. "He's not worth the price they would have to pay?" Nadia asked. "They didn't want to check it out?

"I want him [Yossi Cohen] to clarify what this is about," Nadia continued. "If it's true, I lost all my trust. I don't know if this man is lying or not."

A report earlier on Sunday said that Khalid al-Hafidh, a Syrian living in New Zealand who claims to be the son of former Syrian president Amin al-Hafiz, said that the Mossad refused to pay him a million dollars to reveal the location of Israeli spy Eli Cohen's remains.

"I am the son of the only person on this planet who knows where the remains are buried," he told Newshub in an interview according to a Ynet report.

"I was cooperating with the New Zealand Secret Intelligence Service, in cooperation with the Mossad, in order to help find the remains of the Israeli spy Eli Cohen," he said.

Al-Hafidh told Newshub that he is willing to share the information now without payment to grant the Cohen family long-awaited peace although past correspondence between him and the Mossad reveals that he was insistent on receiving the money.