King Abdullah II
King Abdullah IIReuters

King Abdullah II of Jordan said on Friday that relations between Jordan and Israel are worse than ever, partly because of issues related to the situation in Israel.

The King, who spoke at a conference in New York, added, “I hope Israel can determine its future in the coming weeks and months.”

He also stressed that the so-called “two-state solution” is the only solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs and warned, "This is the final opportunity, every passing year will further complicate the situation.”

Jordan is one of only two Arab countries, along with Egypt, to have a peace deal with Israel. However, the country’s parliament, which is made up mostly of Islamists, remains anti-Israel and its members have more than once called to annul the peace treaty.

In March, a group of Jordanian lawmakers called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from the kingdom in response to what they termed "ongoing Israel aggression" at holy sites in Jerusalem.

In August, Jordan's parliament recommended the country expel Israel's ambassador, recall the Jordanian ambassador to Israel, and re-examine the peace agreement between the two countries.

Decisions on cancelling the peace treaty, signed in 1994, can only be made by the King.

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