HollandFlash 90

The Parliament of the Netherlands has voted to halt all aid to the Palestinian Authority, quoting the payments the PA makes to to convicted terrorists and their families.

In the explanation to the decision, Dutch lawmakers wrote that they object to any money paid to the PA, when they are aware that some of the funds is used to pay terrorists and their families a monthly stipend.

This is the second difficult decision for the PA. Yesterday, Dutch lawmakers decided that Dutch representatives will approach EU lawmakers and make the case that the law of stamping Israeli produce, is "discriminatory in comparison to other areas of conflict."

The Dutch parliament agreed to stamp Israeli products according to the new EU law only when all conflict area produce is stamped. According to Yisrael HaYom, this law was achieved through Christian-Zionist groups lobbying.

The Israeli Ambassador to the Netherlands praised the decision, "I hope that the EU will follow the Dutch example, at least Holland will not label Israeli goods."