Neria Zarug
Neria ZarugTzvi Sukot

Neria Zarug came to court today (Sunday), in Petah Tikva after he refused to sign the retraining order banning him from his home town. Zarug told the judge, Erez Melamed, that he is broken and cannot sign on an order removing him from his home.

"They are tearing us away from the land because we have no interest in money, not desire and not honor, but only the land of Israel in its purest, seemingly that bothers people."

"As soon as I sign on the restraining order, I am agreeing with it. I want to be released but I cant sign on something I didn't do."

In response, the court kept him under arrest, but didn't agree to the state prosecutors request to keep Zarug under arrest for the duration of the case, ordering another hearing in a week.

It should be noted, Zarug will be released as soon as he signs on the restraining order against him.

Attorney Nati Rom, who represents Zarug stated, "the court has ordered another hearing for Thursday. My client has stated that he will not sign on this draconian order that removes him from his home, work and children and has no place in a democratic state. We are hoping that this order will be removed and Neria can return home."