Dvir on the right with Yuval
Dvir on the right with YuvalMagen David Adom

The last time Dvir Shnerb was in an ambulance with Yuval Eran, Dvir and his father were critically injured, his sister dead, and Yuval was battling to save his life.

After months of rehab, Dvir finished a course to become a medic and now joins Yuval in saving others. "The first shift in the ambulance was a form of closure for me, hand in hand with the guy that saved me, we went out to save others. The feeling of fulfillment was huge. However it also brought me back to the events at Dolev (the site of the attack) and I have mixed feelings. I feel I have managed to persevere and I look forward to my next shift," said Dvir.

Paramedic Yuval Eran, said, "Dvir is a hero, I knew that already, but the feeling strengthened during his first shift. He has great inner strength, a strong will to help others. He managed to put his difficulties to one side and work professionally. I hope that we will have many more life saving shifts together."