Rockets launched from Gaza
Rockets launched from GazaNati Shohat/Flash90

The terrorist organizations on Wednesday evening are intensifying their rocket attacks against the Ashkelon and Ashdod area.

Dozens of rockets were fired within about an hour at both cities, most of them intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

360 rockets have been fired into Israel between Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening, the IDF spokesperson said earlier.

"From the morning hours of Tuesday until 5:30 pm, 360 rockets launched from the Gaza Strip that crossed into Israeli territory have been identified.

"Air defense fighters intercepted many rockets, and the percentage of interceptions stands at over 90%."

The spokesperson also noted that "some 60% of the rockets launched landed in open areas and are not subject to interception, in accordance with interception policy," and called to "continue to listen to the instructions of Home Front Command."

Since the afternoon, the IDF has attacked Islamic Jihad terror targets in Gaza in response to the rocket fire continuing all the time. Among the targets were a military compound and a training complex of the Gaza City Brigade also used to manufacture launch barrels and rocket components.

Over 20 terrorists, most members of Islamic Jihad, have been eliminated since the beginning of the escalation.

Islamic Jihad leader Ziad Nahala is leaving for Cairo tonight, where he will meet with Egyptian intelligence leaders as part of attempts to bring calm to Gaza.

Terrorists that have been eliminated
Terrorists that have been eliminatedIDF Spokesperson