Islamic Jihad rockets
Islamic Jihad rocketsFlash 90

Fox News corespondent Trey Yingst is in Gaza as the conflict between Israel and the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization continues.

Yingst visited the home where Islamic Jihad commander Abu al-Ata was assassinated, sparking the current round of conflict. He also witnessed al-Ata's funeral procession.

Over 300 rockets have been fired at Israel over the last 48 hours, injuring dozens of people, while IDF forces have launched numerous attacks on Islamic Jihad targets.

"The Israeli military is targeting the rocket-launching crews from Islamic Jihad," Yingst said after visiting the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza city where the bodies of several people killed in Israeli airstrikes were brought.

Yingst noted that the Hamas terrorist organization which rules Gaza has largely avoided getting involved in the current round of violence.

"Hamas is extremely focused on elections right now. Before the assassination, this is what officials were talking about on a daily basis. A full blown escalation is not what Hamas wants. As things stand now, they may get dragged into one," Yingst said.