Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded to the new state witness Nir Hefetz, in the Bezeq-Elovitz investigation (Case 4000).

In a Facebook video, Netanyahu slammed the police, accusing them of "making Hefetz sign as a state witness under duress and threats."

"His (Hefetz) testimony is filled with so many contradictions, so many different stories, so many holes that it's impossible to build any kind of case upon it," Netanyahu said. "I'm surprised that he didn't also admit to the murder of Arlosoroff (unsolved murder of Mapai Zionist leader in 1933 in Tel Aviv)."

Netanyahu attacked the evidence given by Ilan Yehoshua, CEO of Walla! News and his conversations with Shaul Elovitz, Walla!'s owner.

"In the recorded conversation, Elovitz said to Yehoushua that he spoke to my private doctor, Dr. Berkovitz, and Dr Berkovitz said that the PM would defend Elovitz to the last. These are lies. The police never talked to Dr Berkovitz to discover if these accusations are true or false. My lawyers spoke to the Dr and he said that the PM never spoke to him about Bezeq or Elovitz."

The video then has Dr Berkovitz on screen saying how he never spoke to Yehoshua about Elovitz and Bezeq, and that he doesn't actually know Elovitz.

The PM ended the video emphasizing these were "fake investigations" and pointing out how each state witness is seemingly zigzagging and changing his story.