the rescue attempt
the rescue attemptFirefighter Operations Documentation

A 60-year-old woman was killed after the vehicle she was driving overturned Thursday afternoon in Wadi near Highway 959 in the Golan Heights.

Firefighting and rescue forces were called to the scene to remove the woman from the overturned vehicle and transported her for treatment on a stretcher in collaboration with the Golan rescue unit.

A Magen David Adom (MDA) team that was also called to the scene declared the woman's death as a result of the multiple systematic injuries she suffered.

MDA paramedic Orly Ben Simon said, "About 50 meters down the valley, we saw the vehicle turned upside down, and inside it was a woman about 60, who was unconscious."

"During the rescue operations of the fire fighters, we performed medical examinations, unfortunately it was without signs of life and we were left with nothing to determine her death," she added.

Police say police officers arrived at the scene and the circumstances of the accident are being investigated.