Litzman hosts Liberman at former's granchild's wedding feast
Litzman hosts Liberman at former's granchild's wedding feastFlash 90

Deputy Health Minister MK Yaakov Litzman (UTJ) today referred to the possibility of additional elections in Israel.

"Either someone breaks down or we go to elections. I don't know who will break, I can tell you who won't - us. The bloc won't break. Every week we sit, look in each other's eyes, and declare that the bloc is alive and well," he said.

"If you ask me, we'll keep the bloc at the cost of elections as well. All those in this room understand that the fact that the bloc exists could lead to elections."

Regarding Avigdor Liberman, the Deputy Minister said: "There's Avigdor and there is Evet," he explained, "Avigdor is a Jewish name, a beautiful name. Avigdor sits with us, does things with us, agrees to the drafting agreement we agreed on, goes with Netanyahu and everything's fine. Evet is a politician who goes sometimes like this, sometimes like that. He has a split personality. He's unpredictable. Liberman pleaded with us before the local government elections that we'll work together for the election of Moshe Leon as mayor of Jerusalem. Then he flipped on us. I know of institutions that handle split personalities."

Despite all this, in tough times, it will be possible to sit in a government with the same Evet: "I'll mistrust him. I'll suspect him of betraying me, but if I have no choice - then yes."

On the health system these days, Litzman insists, "The system is in better shape than it was, but less good than I would expect. We're working on it for it to be even better. I won't deny that there are problems, there is a problem that more beds are needed. I came to the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister and said, 'Gentlemen, we need an extra budget. There's no money'. Both approved, and in the meantime we're going to elections again and everything's stuck. The health system is not in collapse. Definitely not. The emergency rooms here are better than the U.S. They have overcrowding and we handle it."