Floating dock (graphic simulation)
Floating dock (graphic simulation)Ministry of Defense

The Department of Production and Procurement (DOPP), at the Israel Ministry of Defense will purchase a large floating dock from Israel Shipyards for the maintenance of the Israel Navy’s submarines and Sa’ar 6 corvettes.

The floating dock will enable staff to raise the ships above sea level for regular maintenance work, as well as for the purpose of installing Israeli combat systems onto the vessels. Furthermore, as part of the agreement, the Ministry of Defense has selected Israel Shipyards to lead the planning and construction of the Navy’s future ships.

The procurement agreement has a scope of approximately NIS 90 million, which includes the construction of the floating dock, to be completed over a period of two years.

The dock will enable the installment of Israeli combat systems onto the ships, following their arrival to Israel. The agreement also includes support and maintenance work for approximately ten years.

The agreement also includes the primary design and planning of the Navy’s future vessels. Israel Shipyards will lead their design and construction in order to replace older models built in the 1980s and 1990s. The initial planning phase will take over a year.

Head of the Department of Production and Procurement in the Israel Ministry of Defense, Avi Dadon: "I applaud the agreement, on which we have been working with the Israel Navy and Israel Shipyards, for a long time. In our joint effort, we have succeeded in raising a NIS budget, which will keep the work in Israel, in spite of budgetary constraints. This is in line with DOPP’s policy of strengthening Israeli industries. This is a vote of confidence in our excellent defense industry, and budgets that are all invested back in the Israeli economy. "

CEO of Israel Shipyards, Eitan Zucker: "Israel Shipyards is proud to continue to design and manufacture operational vessels and marine installations for the Ministry of Defense and the Israel Navy. Israel Shipyards thanks the Ministry of Defense and the Navy for their confidence; we will continue to accompany and strengthen the Navy and provide all that is required for the Navy to fulfill its missions and secure the State of Israel."