Between Sunday, November 3rd and Thursday, November 14th, the "Blue Flag" Exercise will take place at the “Ovda” Air Force Base in southern Israel.

This will be the first international "Fifth Generation” exercise held in Israel involving the F-35 aircraft. The exercise is of paramount strategic importance and will have a significant impact on the Israeli Air Force, the IDF and the State of Israel. The exercise will include over a thousand air crews, technical and administrative personnel from different air forces.

This year, several countries will take part in the exercise, including: Germany, Italy, Greece and the United States. Air crews and pilots, including the aircraft of the participating countries, will arrive in Israel and simulate various scenarios. The cooperation will enable high-quality international training, mutual learning, and development of flight techniques, and after action review techniques will offer an opportunity to strengthen relations between countries.

As part of the exercise, dozens of Israeli aircraft will be deployed in which the IAF will practice air-to-air and ground-combat scenarios, dealing with advanced TAC threats as well as enemy combat scenarios, together with the other air forces. This deployment will provide an opportunity for joint flights over a wide range of threat scenarios combined with advanced technology.

The IAF is practicing and will continue to practice in collaboration with foreign air forces to maintain its competence and readiness, to strengthen the ties and interests between the forces and to encourage and strengthen the joint learning between the forces.