Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin NetanyahuKobi Gideon/GPO

The recordings of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's conversations with Yediot Aharonot publisher Noni Mozes, which were broadcast on Channel 13 News on Saturday night, shed some light on what Netanyahu thinks about some of his partners in the Likud and the national camp.

At one of the meetings, Mozes warned Netanyahu that he would encounter "hell" from his right-wing partners if he were to lead a peace-related diplomatic move.

Mozes: "You will have a hell that is a hundred times worse than what you have now. You will want to do something diplomatic that you think is reasonable and you will be unable to do it. After all, you will have some four or five crazy people in the house. You will. Are you serious? You will! Danny Danon...”

Netanyahu replied: "Danny Danon is incapable [of doing anything], he's playing."

Later, Netanyahu told Mozes that he would like to establish “the broadest possible government”. Mozes wondered about Moshe Feiglin and called him "intelligent."

Netanyahu responded: “There are smart crazies, he's smart, not crazy, but he ... doesn't need so much ... what does it take? A reasonable face. You take people who have a reasonable face.”

The Prime Minister agreed with Mozes that he will encounter difficulties from the Likud if he were to attempt a peace move, saying that Miri Regev is expected to keep quiet in the event of such a move.

Netanyahu: "They will be tough ... Miri (Regev) will not ... she keeps quiet."

Mozes: “Yes, but she's boisterous.”

Netanyahu: “I have no problem with Evet [Liberman]. Evet has a problem with me. That's the truth.”

Mozes: "These leftists, they are the worst. The worst bleeding hearts there are."

Later in the meeting, Mozes told Netanyahu, "You hate Lapid." Netanyahu did not deny this, and added, "Yes, but I especially hate ... I really think that the Zero VAT Law is a terrible law."

In addition, the Prime Minister suggested to Mozes that he hire Dr. Ronen Shoval, founder of the Im Tirtzu organization, to write for Yediot Aharonot. "What is his name, that intelligent guy ... that Ronen Shoval..." Netanyahu said.

During the meeting, Netanyahu also told Mozes that his mission in the 2015 elections is to harm the Jewish Home. "My mission in this election is to bring Bennett down to under 15 (seats)."

When Mozes asked, "Would you feel comfortable if Bennett is Defense Minister?", Netanyahu was not enthusiastic about that idea and replied, “If there is a left-wing candidate it will be easier."

The Yediot Aharonot publisher was interested in what the Prime Minister thought about a possible joint run of the Jewish Home led by Bennett and the National Union led by Uri Ariel.

Mozes: "I will now ask you another question. Do you want ... for you, what is better, that Bennett and Ariel go together or not?"

Netanyahu: "I don't care. What's good for me?"

Mozes: "Yes, I am asking what is good for you."

Netanyahu: “I didn't do any ... Noni, I have no idea. I really do not know.”

The background to the tapes is one of the corruption indictments that Netanyahu is currently facing - Case 2000 - in which he is accused of offering to limit the circulation of Yediot Aharonot's main competitor, Israel Hayom, in exchange for favorable coverage.