Bibi Team reunion
Bibi Team reunionKoby Gideon (GPO)

Members of the "Bibi Team", which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commanded when he served in the IDF General Staff Reconnaissance Unit on Tuesday evening held its 50th reunion and celebrated the Prime Minister's 70th birthday.

The reunion was held at the Crusader fortress at Kochav Hayarden National Park, where the IDF General Staff Reconnaissance Unit – with the participation of the "Bibi Team" – held a concluding exercise 50 years ago. The team sang the unit song and the spouses gave each member of the team a special medal with an inscription. On the Prime Minister's medal was written: "To Bibi, marking 50 years since the unit was formed. From your soldiers in Team Bibi Netanyahu. Summer of 1969-Summer of 1972."

Prime Minister Netanyahu said: "Fifty years ago, in the southern approaches to Afula, I received these boys. They haven't changed much, I must say. We marched 120 kilometers to reach the unit. We started a long training march ahead of the important missions we carried out as a team.

"The team was called 'Bibi Team'. This was an extraordinary team that upheld the mission and each other. Two of us are absent, Udi and Uri who have passed away, but the unity has been maintained over the years. This cohesiveness, this friendship, this fellowship, is exceptional.

"I'd be happy if I could tell you everything that we did. But here, in this place, Kochav Hayarden, was the conclusion of an important exercise that took several days. They carried out all kinds of missions and reached this point where they received the unit insignia."

Netanyahu concluded: "I'd like to say that I had the privilege of having such soldiers. I have had the privilege that we have kept this bond, a very special and very strong bond. I can only wish that we will meet here in another 50 years."