Knesset elections
Knesset electionsFlash 90

A Channel 13 News poll conducted by Prof. Camille Fox released today indicates that even if new elections were held today, the draw between the blocs would not be resolved.

According to the survey's results, if elections were held today, the Blue and White list would receive 34 seats, the Likud would receive 33 seats, and the Joint Arab List would receive 13 seats.

Yisrael Beyteinu would receive 8 seats, Shas 7, and United Torah Judaism 7.

Jewish Home woulld receive 5 seats; Labor, 5; New Right, 4; and the "Democratic Union", 4 seats.

The survey shows that if elections were held today, the Right-haredi bloc would receive 56 seats, as would the Left-Arab bloc.

The survey also asked: "Assuming a unity government is established, who should serve first as prime minister?"

46% of respondents answered Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz, while 40% answered Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and 14% said they did not know.