Anat Rosenberg
Anat RosenbergCourtesy of the family

Sergei, the father whose wife and daughter were killed Saturday in a road accident on Route 6 spoke Tuesday morning about the loss.

"We were coming back from the Jerusalem zoo, and we just wanted to be together. I really miss them," he told News 13.

Sergei described Irena Dubinsky, who he married eight years ago, as "an amazing woman."

"She was my entire life," he said. "We were on the way back from the zoo in Jerusalem. We had waited for the holiday to spend time together and it was all interrupted and cut short in a second. We don't spend so much time together because I work a lot. I really miss them."

When asked how he wants people to remember his wife and stepdaughter, he said: "They were the best in the world. There was no one like Irena and no one like Anna."

Earlier Tuesday, the couple's baby, delivered after the accident, died in the hospital. Upon Dubinsky's arrival in the hospital, staff delivered her baby, finding him to be clinically dead. Hospital staff succeeded in resuscitating him. They worked to save his life but his condition remained critical and he passed away Tuesday.

In addition to Sergei, the family's 7-year-old daughter survived the crash and is in light condition.