site of the accident
site of the accidentMDA spokesperson

The struggle for the life of the baby born when his mother and sister were killed in a car accident Saturday continued Sunday morning at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer,.

According to the hospital, the baby was clinically dead, but after extensive resuscitation efforts his pulse anf breathing were restored. The infant remains in critical condition.

Dr. Bar Yosef, the hospital's deputy director, said this morning that apart from the baby, two 7-year-old girls are also hospitalized, and the condition of the baby remains critical. "He is currently anesthetized and breathing with a respirator," the doctor told Channel 15 News.

"His situation is very difficult. This is a very extreme situation," says Bar Yosef, who says that the father was with his 7-year-old daughters during the night, but he kept up with the newborn's condition and even came to the room where he was anesthetized.

The circumstances of the tragic accident remain under investigation..