Shiri Forer
Shiri ForerFamily photo

Shir Forer, a 41-year-old mother of two, was hospitalized in serious condition Tuesday night after suffering food poisoning.

Forer, who was hospitalized at Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital, ordered a tuna salad from Aroma in Tel Aviv. Shortly after ordering the salad, she suffered signs of food poisoning and was transferred to the hospital.

"I work in the area and I came to the branch for lunch, where I ordered a take-away tuna salad to be delivered to a nearby office. I ate the salad within ten minutes of receiving it, and I immediately began to feel my tongue burning, my face turned red felt like it was burning, and I started breathing heavily," Forer recalled.

"I immediately understood that I was experiencing a severe allergic reaction, and my boss took me to an emergency care center and I fainted and lost consciousness. They quickly transferred me via ambulance to Ichilov while working to save my life. After I arrived in Ichilov's trauma center they continued administering medical treatments which to my great joy led to my quick recovery. After that, during the night, they decided to release me home and I am now being observed and monitored.

"Throughout the ordeal I did not digest how dangerous my situation was. Now I am mostly shocked by the restaurant's attempts to blame me for what happened, and I hope they will do some introspection."

Thanking Ichilov, Forer added: "This morning I'm mostly extremely grateful to the medical staffs who saved my life, and I'm recovering at home. In the meantime, I'm done with tuna."

Health Ministry representatives arrived Wednesday morning at the restaurant to gather evidence after two customers who ordered tuna sandwiches were hospitalized.

Aroma Tel Aviv has decide to switch all of its tuna products.