Rabbi Lau and President Rivlin
Rabbi Lau and President RivlinSpokesperson

President Reuven Rivlin on Tuesday came for a holiday visit to the sukkah of Israeli Chief Rabbi and Chief Rabbinate President Rabbi David Lau.

As the President of the State entered, the Chief Rabbi mentioned the great importance of Sukkot as a symbol of unity and peace not only for the Jewish People but also for the nations of the world.

''In these days, our hearts are with the Kurdish people who are in danger of mass destruction. It is our moral duty to act on the matter immediately, and before it is too late," Rabbi Lau said.

President Rivlin said, "I am very happy to fulfill the tradition of visiting the sukkah of the chief rabbis, which is a very important tradition for understanding the true content of the State of Israel, statehood together with Jewish values.”

"In these not-so-simple days, we are reminded every day of our prayer to “spread upon us the tent [sukkah] of your peace and repair us with good advice before you," and the first task at the moment is the establishment of that peace tent with the ability of all the tribes of Israel to live together in the State of Israel," Rivlin said.